Washington Square

by Susan G. Duncan

Lunchtime crowd—
Forks in right hands, phones in left.
TransparentThe hawk strikes (a squirrel, a rat?)
Half a hundred pigeons
bolt for cover in the canopy—
seems half a hundred forks
drop, and lunchers rise,
flock toward the carnage on the pavement.
Transparent(twitter feed:
Transparentredtail feeding)

Susan G. Duncan is presently a consultant with a performing and visual arts clientele, capping a long career in arts administration. She has served as executive director for San Francisco’s long-running musical comedy phenomenon Beach Blanket Babylon, the al fresco California Shakespeare Theater, and the Grammy-winning, all-male vocal ensemble Chanticleer. Her work has appeared in Atlanta Review, Blast Furnace, Compass Rose, the G.W. Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, The MacGuffin, OmniArts, Poem, River Oak Review, Thema, and The Yalobusha Review.